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Here is the smart industry solutions your were looking for

The smart industry is in the spotlight with dozens of use cases already pre-designed and available to our customers. Bring together all your connected devices on our interoperable IoT platform.

Our Experience

With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and IT intelligence business, xVentures stands uniquely qualified to handle your smart project. Our extensive expertise ensures innovative, reliable, and tailored solutions that drive efficiency and success.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy centers on helping improve your results with cost-effective, easy-to-implement solutions. We focus on delivering innovative strategies that not only enhance operational efficiency but also ensure seamless integration and long-term success.

Smart industries use cases :


Predictive maintenance and productivity improvement. Prevent breakdowns and reduce downtime


  • Temperature reading
  • Drift notification
  • Operating time
  • Operating rate
  • Vibration detection
  • Anomaly prediction
  • Geolocation

Rental Activities

The remote management of a fleet of rental equipment is an added value for rental companies. Visualize in real time the geolocation and the operation of your equipment.


  • Real-time geolocation of the fleet
  • Increased machine availability rate
  • Reporting at end of rental period
  • Geofencing / Robbery detection
  • Real-time inventory

Default Detection

Detect in real time the faults and malfunctions of your equipment. Save time and improve the security of your facilities.


  • Real-time status of a fleet of equipment
  • Fault detection
  • Quick on-site intervention
  • On-call management
  • Increased machine availability rate
  • Equipment geolocation

Machine Manufacturer

The industrial equipment sector describes a diverse set of industries. Create added value by connecting your industrial machines.


  • Increased availability rate
  • Fault detection
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Operation / Maintenance reports
  • Remote settings
  • Machine maintenance reporting

Tank Monitoring

Manage your inventory more efficiently, improve your internal organization and save time for your team of technicians.


  • Status of legacy tanks
  • Optimization of tours
  • Geolocation of tanks
  • Calculation and prediction of autonomy
  • Volume calculation of tanks
  • Reduce logistical costs
  • VoluAvoid emergency interventions

Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Track valuable assets and create new service opportunities. Manage inventory and improve operations with real-time information.


  • Locate assets in real time
  • Geofencing / Alerts
  • Robbery detection
  • Shock detection
  • Managed inventories
  • Status of legacy assets in real time

Three-phase counter

Analyze and supervise electricity consumption on your machines and equipments.


  • Fault detection
  • Electricity consumption
  • Create alarms
  • Calculation and prediction of consumption
  • Reports
  • Reduce logistic costs
  • Avoid emergency interventions

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