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Drive Efficiency, Save Costs, and Innovate

At xVentures, we help our customers find the best telematics solution for their projects by leveraging our extensive industry expertise and partnerships.

Our services


We thoroughly analyze your specific needs, assess various technologies, and tailor a comprehensive telematics strategy.


Our end-to-end support includes selecting the right hardware and software, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems, and providing ongoing maintenance and optimization.


This personalized approach guarantees a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective telematics solution that drives success for your projects.

    Tracking Devices

    CAN Data

    CAN data allows you to manage fleet costs effectively, control car doors/windows remotely, and more. Know what you will get with the supported vehicle lists.

    OBD Data

    Plug & Play trackers to read OBD data like mileage, RPM, fuel level, and fault codes. Ultra-small size devices will fit in the tightest spaces of any vehicle.


    Smart IoT solutions for all types of electric mobility, including kick e-scooters, e-scooters, e- bikes, and e-forklifts. Ideal for fleet managers in corporate sharing, delivery, and other businesses.

    Assets & Workforce

    Autonomous easy-to-use trackers for tracing valuable non-powered assets and ensuring the personal safety of the workforce and vulnerable people.
    We offer world-leading tracking hardware for aftermarket and OEM applications. From easy track & trace to professional CAN bus data reading, we cover it all.

    Tailored Solutions

    In case you want something unique, we are always happy to find a solution that suits your vision and wishes.