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Cutting-Edge Networks for Smart Cities and Industrial Solutions

We use top-tier GPS, satellite, and 5G technologies to create custom networks, tailored for smart cities and industrial requirements.

Our services


We collaborate with our trusted partners to evaluate and choose the best mix of broadband, GPS, satellite, and IoT solutions. Our goal is to design a highly reliable and cost-effective system tailored specifically for your smart project needs. By leveraging advanced technologies and expert insights, we ensure seamless integration and optimal performance, providing you with a comprehensive solution that addresses every aspect of your smart city or industrial project requirements. This approach guarantees not only efficiency and scalability but also long-term sustainability and innovation, making your projects future-proof and robust.


After designing the solution, we work closely with our partners to implement it effectively. This collaboration ensures that every component is expertly installed, configured, and tested, delivering a fully operational and optimized system. Our joint efforts guarantee a smooth deployment process, minimizing downtime and maximizing the efficiency of your smart project.


Following implementation, we offer ongoing maintenance and support to help you reap the benefits of your installation. Our dedicated team ensures your system remains efficient and up-to-date, providing continuous improvements and resolving any issues promptly. This comprehensive support ensures long-term success and maximizes the value of your smart project investment.
Rolf Helderberg
“Transforming our vision into reality, xVentures’s seamless integration and unwavering support have made our smart project a resounding success..”
CEO, Fibrament



Telematics is the integration of telecommunications and informatics, enabling the transmission and analysis of data from remote devices.

Network infrastructure

Network infrastructure is a mesh network that consists of software and hardware components, called multipoints, managed through a dashboard for measuring and monitoring.

Satellite to Iot

We suse Sateliot’s low-earth-orbit satellite constellation provides global coverage under the standard 5G NTN NB-IoT protocol; Allowing you to connect your IoT Devices everywhere, even in the most rural areas.


We utilize a combination of telematics, broadband, and network infrastructure to collect and analyze data, enabling the automation of the most complex processes. This integrated approach ensures efficient, reliable, and seamless operations for your projects.

Tailored Solutions

In case you want something unique, we are always happy to find a solution that suits your vision and wishes.