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Your Benefits

RadioLED can support the municipality/government in achieving its objectives of connectivity, communication, innovation, inclusion, sustainable investment and economic growth.

Why RadioLed ?


RadioLED technology gives you a Smart City Operating System – future ready, flexible, with the ability to grow in whichever direction new applications evolve. RadioLED offers a network as a service. No worries, no headaches. In compliance with all standard regulations.


The RadioLED broadband network covers the entire public communal space as well as all buildings in a municipality (no matter if residential or business units) with a homogeneous network.


RadioLED networks communicate via standard interfaces with the available technologies and network components of all common manufacturers. This allows you to easily integrate already existing infrastructure.


The implementation is straightforward, without excavation work and within a very short period of planning and deployment time. In addition, our „5g-capable“ Small Cell Technology leads in the medium term to a massive reduction of electromagnetic smog in the area.


The effective costs of a RadioLED network amount only to a fraction of the costs of conventional technologies. Our projects are selffinancing during the contract period and do not require any funding by the public sectors.

Tailored Solutions

In case you want something unique, we are always happy to find a solution that suits your vision and wishes.